Where To Park

If you have a car that is less than 4.2 meters long, you can park in our garage, located in the middle of the village on Via Regina. The parking space in the garage is available to the guests of the 3 apartments: Via Scale Terrace, Balcony and Via Castello. 

In Brienno, you can park on the free parking spaces, marked in white, on the main road (Via Regina). Parking spaces in the center are quickly taken, but you have more free parking options at the South and North exits of the village.

The parking spaces that are reserved for the residents are marked in yellow. You can also park there, during weekdays, between 9am to 5pm. After 5pm and during the weekends, you may park on the white parking spaces only.

Also, please note signs for special days such as market day, etc. These are usually written in English too, and the spots are being labeled with a tape the day before.

Parking Spots in Brienno

There are a few white parking spots near the church, and three larger parking areas (you can see them in the interactive map below).

The first parking area is located on the south entrance to the village. On top of the spots that you can immediatelly see, there are also spots inside the tunnel just above it.

Just make a U-turn and it’s there.

The second parking area is further north near the Lido / the entrance to the old cemetary.

Lastly, if you can’t find any white spots in these locations, you can continue further north towards the northen exit of the village and use the parking area there.

To get there, simply continue after the short tunnel right after the Lido, and you’ll find additional parking spots. You can then walk to the apartment from the old passage above the short tunnel.

Parking Area - North

Parking Area - Lido / Cemetary

Parking Area - Church

Parking Area - South

Via Castello apartment

Via Scale apartments